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Heaven's Fury

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Heaven's Fury
Heaven's Fury.png
Game Diablo III
Class Crusader
Type Active - Conviction
Unlock level 30
Cooldown 20 seconds
Call down a furious ray of Holy power that deals 1710% weapon damage as Holy over 6 seconds to all enemies caught within it.

Heaven's Fury is a Crusader active skill in Diablo III.

Runes[edit | edit source]

Level Skill rune
31 Blessed Ground
Blessed Ground ()
The ground touched by the ray becomes blessed, scorching it and dealing 1550% weapon damage over 5 seconds to enemies who walks through.
36 Ascendancy
Ascendancy ()
The ray of Holy power grows to encompass 12 yards, dealing 2766% weapon damage as Holy over 6 seconds to enemies caught within it.
44 Split Fury
Split Fury ()
The ray splits into 3 smaller beams, each dealing 1980% weapon damage as Holy over 6 seconds.
52 Thou Shalt Not Pass
Thou Shalt Not Pass ()
Ground touched by the ray pulses with power for 6 seconds, stopping enemies who try to pass over it.
62 Fires of Heaven
Fires of Heaven ()
Call down a furious ray of Holy power that is focused through you in a beam across the battlefield, dealing 960% weapon damage as Holy to all enemies it hits.
The cooldown is removed. Now costs 40 Wrath.

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