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This data is according to the version 1.216

Healing diablo the hell.gif The spell restores some of character's life.

The amount of life healed (since v1.64):

Class_bonus * (Rnd[4] + Itt(Vitbase, Rnd[2]+1) + Itt(slvl, Rnd[2]+1) + 1)

Due to using Itt function with a large number of iterations, the amount of life healed is consistently very close to its average value[1]:

Class_bonus * (2.5 + (Vitbase + 1) * 1.5 + (slvl + 1) * 1.5)

The amount of life healed, as reported by the in-game spellbook (as of v1.216):

  • Minimum: Class_bonus * (baseVIT + slvl + 1)
  • Maximum: Class_bonus * (baseVIT + slvl + 1) * 4. Note: this number is reported very inaccurately (almost twice the actual maximum possible value).
  • To estimate the real average amount oh life healed from the values in spellbook, multiply the reported minimum value by 1.5 and add (4 * Class_bonus).

Class bonuses:

  • Gladiator - 1,625 (since v1.210)
  • Paladin - 1,5
  • Monk - 1,25
  • Scout, Assassin - 1
  • Mage - 0,25

Mana cost is unusual:

8 + (2*clvl) - (3*slvl)

Additionally, if the mana cost is lower than 1/16 of MaxManacur, it's set to MaxManacur/16; if it's higher than 1/8 * MaxManacur, it's set to MaxManacur/8. The final mana cost can't be below 8.

The minimum Magcur to read the book: 40

Hotkey: F2

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  1. This result follows from the formula in v1.64 changelog and confirmed by testing in the v1.216 game