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"I am a Paladin of the Zakarum and my purpose in this world is clear. I exist to purge evil from the land and protect the innocent. I was taught this by the Priests of Zakaraum that raised me."

Hale is the main character of Hatred's Bride, one of the three stories featured in the Tales of Sanctuary comic. He is a Paladin, trained in the ways of the Light since childhood by the Zakarum priests that raised him. His mission is to search and weed out evil wherever he finds it.


Not much is known about Hale's past except that he has lost or has been abandoned by his parents and that he was raised by priests of the Zakarum, who trained him to become a skilled fighter against evil, a Paladin. He took on his mission and traveled across Sanctuary fighting demons, undead and other evil influences.

One day, after a brief fight with a Blunderbore, Hale heard screams of terror. He saw a family of peasants being attacked by Goatmen. The farm was set ablaze and a man was trying to fend off the beasts with a pitchfork. Behind him, his daughter, Bay, was sitting next to her mother's corpse. Before Hale could intervene, the monsters had killed the man and were closing in on the girl. As they were about to attack Bay, Hale quickly killed the Goatmen. Hale had encountered unprovoked attacks by Goatmen before. After burying the parents, the Paladin and Bay set off for the Zakarum Cathedral nearby. Upon reaching the cathedral, Hale asked for a place to rest and that Bay be taken care of and raised by the monks just as he was. Although taught to trust the Zakarum curate without question, Hale began feeling suspicious towards the priests and their behavior, like the argument the priests of Zakarum had with Bay's father, after he refused to convert in exchange for protection. Hale tried to cast aside these suspicions as only fatigue, but screams in the middle of the night confirm them. Jumping out of bed, Hales discovered his door was locked. Barging through it, he followed the screams down into the crypt. There he is beset upon by undead. After killing the undead, he saw Bay on a sacrificial altar, tied up in a ceremony that was preceded by the curate.

The curate told Hale he came just in time for the sacrifice. Hale attacked the monks hearing that they serve Mephisto. He was in disbelief when he heard that all those that serve the Zakarum are in the service of Mephisto. The Paladin was unable to save Bay, as she was taken by the curate, who escaped through a portal. The rest of the Zakarumites are killed by Hale.

Shaken in his beliefs, Hale had doubts about the meaning of his life. He questioned whether his life was spent in the service of evil. His world had been turned upside down. In spite of all this, Hale's purpose was still clear, rooting out evil.

Hale set the cathedral on fire, as a place of evil should burn, and left to search for the truth about the Zakarum. And if they are truly evil, Hale would make sure that they would suffer the same faith as the cathedral and those that inhabited it.


As any Paladin, Hale is an excellent fighter. His strength comes from his faith and devotion to the Light. He is an excellent swordsman, as he is able to split a Blunderbore in two in just one hit, and not once did he destroy forces that outnumber him heavily, like the goatmen that attacked the farm, the undead from the crypt and the Zakarumites that were guarding the curate, as he fled.