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Guardian Spirits

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Guardian Spirits
Jondar Portrait.png
Release the soul prisons and destroy Ghezrim.
ActAct II
LocationStinging Winds
TriggerDying Necromancer
Gold240 Gold.png
  • Destroy the spirits trapped in the soul prisons: 2/2
  • Kill Ghezrim

Guardian Spirits is an event quest in Act II. It has a chance to trigger within Stinging Winds. The event is triggered by interacting with the Dying Necromancer.


Jondar Portrait.png
Dying Necromancer
I came here searching for a powerful ghost named Ghezrim. We found him here, locked within the soul prisons.
But the cultists wounded me gravely in the desert, and I dared not try to destroy him. You must do what I could not.
Jondar Portrait.png
Dying Necromancer
Ghezrim is free! I can feel his presence!
I am freed!Unknown Portrait.pngGhezrim
Guardian spirits2.png


Achievement Points Reward Description
Guardian Spirits (achievement).png Guardian Spirits 10 Complete the Guardian Spirits event.
Guardian Spirits (Cooperative).png Guardian Spirits (Cooperative) 10 Complete the Guardian Spirits event in a cooperative game.