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Gmj (Zy-El)

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A gmj is a common term in Zy-El. It refers to either a gem of either standard, flawless or perfect quality, or a jewel of any quality, be it magic, rare, unique or crafted. The term probably orginiates from the fact that item codes in Diablo II are made up of combinations of three letters, gmj being used to refer to these specific items.

The term is needed because of the extensive amount of extra runewords present in Zy-El. Many of them can either use a good gem or a jewel to complete the runeword, and regardless of which the same runeword is created. For example, the runeword Daylight Savings needs Dol, Um and El to be inserted first, but in the fourth socket there is a gmj needed. This means that one player could, for instance, use a flawless emerald, while another might use a rare jewel. In both cases, the same runeword will be created, but because of the different items used, their stats will differ slightly. The player who used an emerald will get the bonuses of the gem on the item, the player who used the jewel will get the bonuses of the jewel in addition to the regular runeword properties.