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Ghouls are stronger than most risen dead, but they gain their fortitude through horrific means — feasting upon human corpses. These creatures are least dangerous while eating, but do not disturb them, or it shall be your limbs between their teeth.

Deckard Cain


Ghouls are the most powerful zombie family. Not only do they inflict very high damage when attacking, but also come in swarms that can very easily drown the unprepared. Luckily they have low durability so are easily dispatched. Because of their high damage, Elite Ghouls are especially dangerous and can make short work of parties who are inexperienced. It is best to attack Ghouls pre-emptily to avoid taking excessive damage.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Enkidu Nephalem Traitor


Created as part of Eternal War event. Makes up part of the final wave of monsters. Gives event loot drop.


Grimsmack Stover of Heads


Random spawn in area.


Lavarinth Molten Defiler

Blazing Ghoul

Created as part of Blaze of Glory event. Makes up part of the final wave of monsters and must be killed to complete the event.