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Listen to all of General Torion's conversations in Act V.
TypeGeneral > Conversations
  • The Last Holdouts
  • Reinforcements
  • The Death of King Justinian
  • King Justinian
Achievement Series

Generalizing is an Achievement which requires listening to the conversations of General Torion in Act V.


  • Conversations are available at the beginning of the quest, unless otherwise stated.
  • Please take note that certain conversations will are only available during a brief window between the end of a quest and the start of the next quest. These will be marked with an asterisk (*).
Conversation Quest
The Last Holdouts Souls of the Dead - Talk to the Mystic
Reinforcements Souls of the Dead - Talk to the Mystic ( Have to Listen to "The Last Holdouts" First)
The Death of King Justinian The Harbringer - Have to Finish "The True Son of the Wold" Event located in Clyfton Hall Inside Westmarch Heights

Port back to town and the conversation will be available