Frost/Shock Zealot by MORB

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Frost/Shock Zealot
Game Diablo II
Class Paladin
Primary Attack Zeal
PvM/PvP Yes
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator morb


This is a paladin build which uses zeal as the primary attack combined with holy freeze as the main aura and holy shock as back-up. This guide is designed primarily for single player but can be viable in other game plays.


1. Not gear dependent to begin with and easy to level up to 60 2. Delivers large amounts of damage in rapid succession 3. Holy freeze slows enemies to more than 50% their normal speed 4. Able to dispatch Cold Immune(s) with ease 5. Iron maiden damage is minimized 6. Very high resistances and max-block


1. Not optimally designed for PVP 2. Required level to perfect is 99 3. Low life 4. Low leech

Stat Placement

Stat Starting Amount Final Amount
Strength 25 150+ enough for gear
Dexterity 20 135+ enough for gear and max-block
Energy 15 NONE

Skill Allocation

Required level is 99 with all the skill quests completed, a total of 110 points.

Maxed Skills: 20- Zeal 20- Holy Freeze 20- Cold Resist 20- Salvation

Zeal is used as the primary attack and holy freeze is the main aura. Cold resist and salvation are synergies for holy freeze.

Utility Skills 15- Holy Shock 5 - Holy Shield

Holy Shock is used to dispatch Cold Immune(s). Although you get a physical damage bonus from zeal, it is not enough

Required and Recommended Skills 5 - Combat Skills: Sacrifice, Holy Bolt, Blessed Hammer, Smite and Charge 3 - Defensive Auras: Defiance, Resist Fire, Resist Lightning 2 - Offensive Auras: Might, Holy Fire