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Frail Pools

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Frail Pools
Quest Giver Magical Shoelace (quest item)
Quest Area The Poisonous Pools
Goal Rescue The Cobbler
Reward Unlocks Cobbler artisan
Quest Items None
Optional? Yes

This quest will lead you through some poisonous pools where a feeble old man needs your help. Being partially senile, the Cobbler has mixed up his thoughts and has gotten lost; finding himself in a mess of trouble as demons encroach on his location. After saving the old man and bringing him back to town and safety, he will offer his services to you.

Quest Activation Dialog

Magical Shoelace

"As you walk by the sewer drain, a tiny glint of light catches your eye. Soggy and worn, you carefully untangle what appears to be a shoelace. But it's no ordinary shoelace; it sparkles and murmurs gently, almost as if it wants to tell you something..."

NPC Quest Dialog

Upon Completion

Cobbler:"...I thank you, friend, for coming to my aid. As a token of my gratitude, I will identify items for you at no charge... I mean, make shoes for you that is."