For the Order

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For the Order
For the Order.png
Listen to all of the Templar’s conversations.
TypeGeneral > Conversations
  • Becoming a Templar
  • Sins
  • Initiation
  • Lessons
  • Seeking the Truth
  • A Dangerous Journal
  • Confronting Fears
  • The Past Revealed
  • The Torn Page
  • The Templar's Research
  • The Truth
  • Secrets of the Tome
  • The Templar's Lesson
  • Adria's Betrayal
  • Shadows of the Coven
Achievement Series

For the Order is an Achievement which requires listening to all of the Templar's conversations.


  • Most conversations are available at the beginning of the quest, unless otherwise stated.
  • Follower conversations never actually become unavailable, so they can be listened to at any time.
Conversation Act Quest
Becoming a Templar Act I – IV Reign of the Black King (The Royal Crypts)
Sins The Broken Blade
Initiation Trailing the Coven
Lessons The Imprisoned Angel
Seeking the Truth Act II – IV The Road to Alcarnus (Iron Wolf Jarulf)
A Dangerous Journal
Confronting Fears A Royal Audience
The Past Revealed The Black Soulstone
The Torn Page Act III – IV The Siege of Bastion's Keep (Light the Beacons)
The Templar's Research Heart of Sin
The Truth Heart of Sin
Secrets of the Tome Heart of Sin (after hearing "The Truth")
The Templar's Lesson Act IV Fall of the High Heavens
Adria's Betrayal
Shadows of the Coven