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This spell is odd. It only works in close range, so it's a situational spell that's best used when you're surrounded. The thing is... if you find yourself surrounded in The Hell, you've screwed up. :) Anyway, this spell hits for its per-tick damage 20 times per cast. Not all hits will connect, but every little bit counts when you're surrounded! Enough talk, here's the formula:

Per-Tick Damage = clvl * (9/8)

Repeat this for every slvl and you'll have your final Per-Tick Damage. Let's assume I have a level 9 Mage with level 3 Flash:

Per-Tick Damage = 9 * (9/8) = 10.125

Per-Tick Damage = 10.125 * (9/8) = 11.390625

Per-Tick Damage = 11.390625 * (9/8) = 12.814453125 (let's round it)

Base Per-Tick = 13

Now that we know our Base Per-Tick, we need to compute the range.

Minimum Per-Tick = Base Per-Tick * (13.5/8) Maximum Per-Tick = Minimum Per-Tick * 2

Continuing our example...

Minimum Per-Tick = 13 * (13.5/8) = 21.9375 (round it) Maximum Per-Tick = 22 * 2 = 44

So our Mage will deal 22-44 damage up to 20 times per cast. That's around 400 damage kicked out per cast. Not too shabby!

This information was updated using the written guide for versión 1.205d created by Daniel Campbell/sbx.

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