Firestorm (Diablo II)

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Firestorm Icon.png Firestorm
Wielding this ability, the Druid projects waves of molten earth that

spread outward and burn a wide swath of destruction through his foes.

Class: Druid
Skill Tree: Elemental Skills
Required Level: 1
Damage Type: Fire
Cast Delay: 0.6 seconds
Prerequisites: None
Skill progression
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Mana Cost 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Damage {{{Damage1}}} {{{Damage2}}} {{{Damage3}}} {{{Damage4}}} {{{Damage5}}} {{{Damage6}}} {{{Damage7}}} {{{Damage8}}} {{{Damage9}}} {{{Damage10}}}
Fire Damage Per Second 3-7 7-10 10-14 14-17 17-21 21-24 24-28 28-31 32-36 37-41
{{{Variable B}}} {{{B1}}} {{{B2}}} {{{B3}}} {{{B4}}} {{{B5}}} {{{B6}}} {{{B7}}} {{{B8}}} {{{B9}}} {{{B10}}}
{{{Variable C}}} {{{C1}}} {{{C2}}} {{{C3}}} {{{C4}}} {{{C5}}} {{{C6}}} {{{C7}}} {{{C8}}} {{{C9}}} {{{C10}}}
{{{Variable D}}} {{{D1}}} {{{D2}}} {{{D3}}} {{{D4}}} {{{D5}}} {{{D6}}} {{{D7}}} {{{D8}}} {{{D9}}} {{{D10}}}
{{{Variable E}}} {{{E1}}} {{{E2}}} {{{E3}}} {{{E4}}} {{{E5}}} {{{E6}}} {{{E7}}} {{{E8}}} {{{E9}}} {{{E10}}}
Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Mana Cost 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Damage {{{Damage11}}} {{{Damage12}}} {{{Damage13}}} {{{Damage14}}} {{{Damage15}}} {{{Damage16}}} {{{Damage17}}} {{{Damage18}}} {{{Damage19}}} {{{Damage20}}}
Fire Damage Per Second 42-45 46-50 51-55 56-59 60-64 65-69 71-76 77-83 83-90 89-97
{{{Variable B}}} {{{B11}}} {{{B12}}} {{{B13}}} {{{B14}}} {{{B15}}} {{{B16}}} {{{B17}}} {{{B18}}} {{{B19}}} {{{B20}}}
{{{Variable C}}} {{{C11}}} {{{C12}}} {{{C13}}} {{{C14}}} {{{C15}}} {{{C16}}} {{{C17}}} {{{C18}}} {{{C19}}} {{{C20}}}
{{{Variable D}}} {{{D11}}} {{{D12}}} {{{D13}}} {{{D14}}} {{{D15}}} {{{D16}}} {{{D17}}} {{{D18}}} {{{D19}}} {{{D20}}}
{{{Variable E}}} {{{E11}}} {{{E12}}} {{{E13}}} {{{E14}}} {{{E15}}} {{{E16}}} {{{E17}}} {{{E18}}} {{{E19}}} {{{E20}}}
Molten Boulder +23% Fire Damage Per Level
Fissure +23% Fire Damage Per Level
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{{{Synergy4}}} {{{Synergy Effect4}}}
{{{Synergy5}}} {{{Synergy Effect5}}}
{{{Synergy6}}} {{{Synergy Effect6}}}


This is, quite literally, a firestorm that shoots out onto your enemies when invoked. This skill is similar to the fire attack that Diablo uses at the end of Act IV; powerful and especially useful in the first two Acts. The charges of fire that Firestorm releases will travel through enemies, also striking foes that aren't directly in front of your Druid. Putting a few points into this skill is important not only because you'll use this skill, but also because it's a prerequisite for other skills, such as Molten Boulder. Firestorm initially does 3-7 points of damage per second, but ramps up (damage-wise) with every skill point you drop into it. It also has a cool-down time so that it cannot be used in quick succession.[1]


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