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Fire Spells (Diablo II)

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The Sorceress' Fire Spells Skill Tree is the counterpart to her other two trees, Lightning Spells and Cold Spells. While her fire-based skills do not have the added benefit of freezing an enemy or reaching a ludicrously high maximum damage, her fire skills make up for it with their relatively low damage range gap (maximum damage of a skill minus minimum damage of a skill) and relatively high minimum and maximum damage.

Her skills in this area range from count-down timers coupled with high-impact damage to magically enchanting allies with enormous damage and attack bonuses. Fire is a rather uncomplicated tree which aims for the basic principle of good damage and hit-and-run, since many of the fire skills do not have cool down timers and/or have fast cast rates.

Fire Spells Tier

Level 1:

Level 6:

Level 12:

Level 18:

Level 24:

Level 30: