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Fire Nova (The Hell)

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This spell works similarly to Nova. It creates an arc of fire in every direction and expands outward, like a nova. Its damage is somewhat unreliable, but can be useful in some situations.

Base Damage = rand(5,100) + clvl + 20

Assume I have a Mage at level 37 with level 2 Fire Nova and the random number chosen is 72.

Base Damage = 72 + 37 + 20 = 109 + 20 = 129

Level 1: Base Damage = 129 * (17/16) = 137.0625

Level 2: Base Damage = 137.0625 * (17/16) = 145.62890625

Applied Damage = 145.62890625 / 2

72.814453125 (let's round it)

Final Damage = 73

This information was updated using the written guide for versión 1.205d created by Daniel Campbell/sbx.

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