Fire Enchanted (Diablo II)

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Fire Enchanted is one of the attributes that Unique Monsters may spawn with in Diablo II. This is one of the simple elemental damage attributes, similar to Cold Enchanted and Lightning Enchanted. This one, as the name reveals, does fire Damage.

What It Does

  • Fire damage will be added to the monster's attack, amounting to 66-100% of the physical damage.
  • Chance To Hit: x2
  • Fire Resist: 75
  • When killed, a Corpse Explosion spell will be cast, doing damage equal to 75% to 100% of the max health in a radius of 4 yards.
  • In Nightmare and Hell, minions gain 33-50% additional fire damage.


  • Avoid the Corpse Explosion, as it can kill you off if you were damaged by the monster before killing him.
  • When paired with the Cursed attribute, the Corpse Explosion can do an extra 50% damage to you, giving you all the more reason to avoid it.
  • Don't use fire damage against these monsters since they are resistant to it.