Fiery blast (The Hell)

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(also named Fire Blast)

A fast projectile explodes on impact and delas fire damage to adjacent enemies.

Base damage (the damage of a 0th level spell):

  • As given in the changelog (since v1.70): Damageslvl=0 = 4·(Random(1, 50) + Random(1, 50) + clvl) + 90
  • As shown in the game spellbook (v1.216): Damageslvl=0 = [4·(Random(1, 50) + Random(1, 50) + clvl) + 90] / 2, i.e. 2 times lower than in the changelog.

A possible reason for the difference between the changelog and the in-game spellbook: the spell deals half of its total damage to the initial target, and another half to all nearby targets; the spellbook shows half of the damage (unconfirmed info[1]).

Using (Random(1, 50) + Random(1, 50)) instead of Random(2, 100) doesn't change the average damage, but decreases its dispersion (makes very low or very high random values more rare).

Damage at different slvl (since v1.70):

  • Damageslvl=1 = Damageslvl=0 * 17/16, rounded down.
  • Damageslvl=2 = Damageslvl=1 * 17/16, rounded down.
  • ...
  • Damageslvl=N = Damageslvl=N-1 * 17/16, rounded down.

Mana cost: (15 - slvl), minimum 5. (true in v1.216)

Projectile speed: (slvl + 10), maximum 40. (since v1.82c)

Hotkey: A

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