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The following is a list of links to all of the works of Diablo fan fiction submitted by members of DiabloFans to the Fan Fiction Forum. Users have also submitted a wide variety of Non-Diablo Fan Fiction.

Disclaimer: Though many of the works on this page may adhere to official Lore, none are to be considered canon.

DiabloFans Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction Title Author Synopsis
Adflict, Lord of Torment Number1SuperGuy A new prime evil, Adflict, Lord of Torment, is unleashed upon Sanctuary, bringing with him an army of hellish demons. Two ordinary men are subsequently forced away from their families and into a world of magic and pain that they never dreamed they'd encounter.
False Prophecy Daemaro Synopsis
Jonathan Guasti Synopsis
A Lesson in Life and Death shibblicious Synopsis
Redemption of the Vizjerei Kickin_It "There is more to your fate than even you know. This journey – if you like to think of it as such – is not one of adventure. Rather, it is one of erudition and deliverance. Your personal salvation, as well as that of the entire mortal realm of Sanctuary, rests in your hands."