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Fallen Grunt

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Fallen Grunts are a re-occurring monster type from Diablo II. They are small, weak demons that make up their low damage with high numbers. Far from the bravest creatures, they will run away from combat when seeing monsters die. This tendency to run makes them low concern to the party as they will seldom attack however if a Fallen Overseer is present, they will shout a moral boosting War Cry causing all nearby Fallen Grunts to charge at the party with no concern for their lives. Such a charge can easily lead to death unless splash moves are at hand to fend them off.


  • Fearful
    Will run away at the sight of comrades dying. Effect is nullified by the battle cry of a Fallen Overseer.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Ashek Diminutive Fallen Fighter


Random spawn in area. Required by A Unique Collection achievement series.

Avatar of Rakanishu.jpg

Avatar of Rakanishu Fallen Demigod

Fallen Devotee

Created for the last part of The Shrine of Rakanishu event. Must be killed to complete the event and provides the reward drop for the event. Periodically uses a unique lightning nova ability that releases charged bolts in all directions.