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Extra Strong is one of the attributes that Unique Monsters may spawn with in Diablo II. This attribute is a physical attribute, since it affects the damage the monster does.

What It Does[edit | edit source]

Monsters with the extra strong attribute will do 2.5 times more damage, and their minions will do 1.75 times more damage. Obviously this can be devastating when put onto a very hard hitting monster like a Blunderbore, and not that threatening when put onto a monster that uses magic as its main attack, like a Black Soul.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Take some time to assess the monster. If it doesn't have a damaging physical attack, you should be safe with going into heavy melee combat.
  • If the monster does have a devastating melee attack, then hit-and-run is probably one of the safer options. Draw some minions away, kill them, rinse and repeat.
  • Make sure not to get cursed around these monsters, as it will multiply the physical damage by an additional 50%, meaning a total of 3 times the normal damage. Ouch.

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