Eternal War

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Eternal War
Event Quest.png
Defeat the enemies of the nephalem spirits.
ActAct I
LocationThe Festering Woods
TriggerNephalem Monument
Gold215 Gold.png
  • Defeat the enemies of the spirits

Eternal War is an event quest in Act I. It has a rare chance to spawn in the Festering Woods. The event is triggered by interacting with a Nephalem Monument.


A great battle was fought here.Barbarian Portrait.png
There's a monument here... Let's take a closer look.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
The gods speak of a great battle that was once fought here.Monk Portrait.png
The spirits of dead warriors linger here.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
This is a curious monument...Wizard Portrait.png
  • Trigger the Nephalem Monument.
Nephalem Spirit Portrait.png
We're cut off! They'll be upon us at any moment!
Stand firm, brothers, and they will sing of our valor through the ages.Nephalem Spirit Portrait.png
Nephalem Spirit Portrait.png
The enemy is here! For glory!
Skewer the nephalem curs!Unknown Portrait.pngReturned
Kill them! Kill!Unknown Portrait.pngReturned
  • Defeat 3 waves of monsters that spawn.
I sense that this fight was fought before, long ago...Barbarian Portrait.png
The dead have long memories... perhaps too long.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
The dead cannot forget. These souls cannot move on.Monk Portrait.png
These spirits are insane. They will fight this battle forever.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
The dead can't let go of battles long past...Wizard Portrait.png
Enchantress Portrait.png
This battle felt odd... like it has happened before.
Scoundrel Portrait.png
I heard stories of this stretch of woods of a doomed battle fought long ago.
Templar Portrait.png
I am overcome with an odd feeling... We are not the first to have fought this skirmish.


Achievement Points Reward Description
Eternal War (achievement).png Eternal War 10 Complete the Eternal War event.
Eternal War (Cooperative).png Eternal War (Cooperative) 10 Complete the Eternal War event in a cooperative game.