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Esoteric Alteration

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Esoteric Alteration

Esoteric Alteration.png

Description Can be inserted into jewelry with sockets.
Max Rank: 100


Damage -(-)
Damage (-) - (-)
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Required Level 1
Item Level
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 16 Gold.png
Set Name [[]]

 •  Gain 10.0% non-Physical damage reduction.

 •  + 0.5% per level.

 •  While below 50% Life, your resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Arcane are increased by 75%. (Requires Rank 25)

Chuanyang of Xiansai designed a gem which would transport magical energies from their target to the workshop of his greatest competitor, Chau Thanh. He created several copies of this gem before he mysteriously disappeared.


  • Level 10 = Gain 15,0% non-Physical damage reduction.
  • Level 25 = Gain 22,5% non-Physical damage reduction.
  • Level 50 = Gain 35,0% non-Physical damage reduction.
  • Level 100 = Gain 60,0% non-Physical damage reduction.


Drop from Rift Guardians in Greater Rift.