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Beta Info Dfans.png This article relates to the Beta releases of Diablo III. Information may change during development and release of the game.

The Witch Doctor using what appears to be a magic enchanted sword.

Enchantments are a new item augmentation system announced for Diablo III. They were first announced during the WWI 2008 Gameplay Video. They are provided by the Mystic Artisan at the cost of gold.

Enchantment Types

The Barbarian using cold (right hand) and lightning (left) enchanted axes.
The fire enchantment.

There appear to be 3 types of Enchantments, those for armor, which increase player attributes, those for weapons, which add or enhance the damage properties of a player's weapons, or jewelry enchantments, which increase a player's resistance to magic, or enhance healing or gathering properties.

Armor Enchantments

  • Accuracy - Increases the player's Precision attribute
  • Assault - Increases the player's Attack attribute
  • Brawn - Increases the player's Vitality attribute
  • Evasion - Increases the player's Defense attribute
  • Fortification - Increases Armor
  • Regeneration - Increases Life Regeneration

Weapon Enchantments

  • Blight - Adds Poison damage
  • Brutality - Adds Critical damage
  • Celerity - Increases Haste
  • Cosmos - Adds Arcane damage
  • Devouring - Adds Life Drain
  • Frost - Adds Cold damage
  • Gore - Increases Minimum and Maximum damage
  • Scorching - Adds Fire damage

Jewelry Enchantments

  • Charred - Increases Fire resistance
  • Emerald - Increases Poison resistance
  • Euphoria - Increases healing gained from Health Globes
  • Gathering - Increases Gold and Health Globe pickup radius
  • Insulated - Increases Lightning resistance
  • Nomadic - Increases Cold resistance
  • Warding - Increases Arcane resistance