Elemental Resists (Affixes)

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Fire Resist- Salamander Salamander II Salamander III Salamander IV Charred V Charred VI Charred VII Charred VIII Scorched IX Scorched X Scorched XI Infernal XII
Cold Resist- Nomadic Nomadic II Nomadic III Nomadic IV Sheltering V Sheltering VI Sheltering VII Thawing VIII Thawing IX Thawing X Thawing XI Glacial XII
Lighting Resist- Silent Silent II Silent III Silent IV Tranquil V Tranquil VI Tranquil VII Serene VIII Serene IX Serene X Serene XI Halcyon XII
Poison Resist- Pure Pure II Pure III Pure IV Untarnished V Untarnished VI Untarnished VII Untarnished VIII Pristine IX Pristine X Pristine XI Immaculate XII
Arcane Resist- Warding Warding II Warding III Warding IV Beguiling V Beguiling VI Beguiling VII Beguiling VIII Nullifying IX Nullifying X Nullifying XI Eclipsing XII
Resist All- Dazzling Dazzling II Dazzling III Dazzling IV Chromatic V Chromatic VI Chromatic VII Chromatic VIII Spectral IX Spectral X Spectral XI Prismatic XII
Stun Resist- of Insolence 1
Root Resist- of the Sergeant 1
Freeze Resist- of Melting 1
Stun/Root/Freeze Resist- of Contempt 1