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Elemental (Diablo I)

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Elemental (Diablo I).png
Damage Magic Requirements
Base Damage 6-42 Spell Level 1 68
Damage Type Fire Requires 255 at Level 8
Damage Increase Mana Cost
per Class Level ·1.5* Initial Mana Cost 35
per Spell Level ·1.125^x Reduction per Spell Level -2
per Magic Point - Lowest Mana Cost 20

Elemental is a projective spell that fires an actual elemental being at enemies. It does half the damage of a Fireball, but can hit two targets and also homes. It has much higher mana cost and magic requirements however, and is pretty useless because of it.

Damage Calculations

Real Damage: Rec(slvl, 2 * (Rnd[10]+Rnd[10]+clvl) + 4)/2
Min. Damage: Rec(slvl, 4 + 2*clvl)
Max. Damage: Rec(slvl, 40 + 2*clvl)
Quick Min. Damage: (4 + 2 * clvl) * (9/8)^slvl
Quick Max. Damage: (40 + 2 * clvl) * (9/8)^slvl

* The added damage from each character level is then multiplied by the spell level bonus, resulting in a much greater bonus the higher the spell level.