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CableCat's downloads

The files listed below are made by CableCat. Compared to the official files, they are smaller and easier to use, but the content is the same.

Use 7-Zip to extract the compressed files.

All-in-one installer

If you use the all-in-one installer, you don't need to download anything else. However, you still need the file DIABDAT.MPQ, which can be found in the root of the Diablo CD. The music addon is not included.

The game

See also the changelog and previous releases.

This release is much smaller that the one you can download from the official download page, because it does not contain THdata.mor. The release is modified so it will work with any version of THdata.mor from v1.130 or later. This means you need to download a lot less, if your are upgrading, because you do not need to redownload THdata.mor.

You can also use it for a new installation. You just need to extract the upgrade, THdata.mor and the addons to the same folder.

Required files

  • THdata.mor [91MiB] Any version of THdata.mor from v1.130 or later will work
  • DIABDAT.MPQ [494MiB] Can be found on the original Diablo CD

Optional addons

Useful tools


Other download sites

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.

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