Dirty Little Secrets

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Dirty Little Secrets
Dirty Little Secrets.png
Complete the follower conversation achievements listed below.
TypeGeneral > Conversations
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Achievement Series

Dirty Little Secrets is a meta Achievement which requires listening to all conversations related to the followers (Templar, Enchantress, Scoundrel).

Meta requirements

Achievement Points Reward Description
For the Order.png For the Order 10 Listen to all of the Templar’s conversations.
  • Becoming a Templar
  • Sins
  • Initiation
  • Lessons
  • Seeking the Truth
  • A Dangerous Journal
  • Confronting Fears
  • The Past Revealed
  • The Torn Page
  • The Templar's Research
  • The Truth
  • Secrets of the Tome
  • The Templar's Lesson
  • Adria's Betrayal
  • Shadows of the Coven
Secrets of the Ages.png Secrets of the Ages 10 Listen to all of the Enchantress’ conversations.
  • Eirena's Journey
  • A Lost Age
  • The Unanticipated
  • Missing Pieces
  • The Prophecy Broken
  • Ancient Secrets
  • The First Memories
  • The Vizjerei Lord
  • A Sacred Pact
  • Leah's Fate
  • A Lost Friend
  • The Dying Angel
  • A Hidden Legacy
To Catch a Thief.png To Catch a Thief 10 Listen to all of the Scoundrel’s conversations.
  • Lyndon's Origins
  • The Unrepentant Rogue
  • Kingsport Fighting
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Difficult Decisions
  • Blood Ties
  • Brothers Divided
  • The Guard's Fate
  • First Love
  • Brotherly Love
  • The Scoundrel's Wealth
  • A Dark Outlook
  • The Thief's Secret
  • A Lost Family
  • A Final Gift