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Administrator is a collective term used for three different kinds of user groups in the wiki: sysops, organizers and bureaucrats. It might also refer strictly to the highest management of the wiki, which in the case of Diablo Wiki is the same as referring to bureaucrats. Users who belong to one of these have additional powers in the wiki in order to manage it. These users are often active contributors, or they do coding and similar for the wiki.


A full list of user powers for the various groups can be viewed here. Besides this however, there are differences of purpose.

Wiki Sysops, commonly referred to as simply sysops, are part of the Diablofans staff. Their job is to make sure that the wiki isn't vandalized, that pages and files are correctly named, placed and categorized, and also make regular contributions to develop the wiki.

Organizers share similar powers, but are not part of the staff. They are regular users who have shown they can handle the responsibility of managing a wiki.

Bureaucrats are sysops who also have the power to promote and demote other users.

Who Are This Wiki's Administrators?


  • Apoc is the Wiki Manager and oversees the development and evolution of the content-side of the wiki.



Curse staff

  • Alexia is a PHP developer for Curse, and also handles wiki software updates.
  • Bumble is the Lead of the Curse Wiki Team.
  • DoranM is the Vice President of Curse Marketing.
  • Kaelten is the lead of the Curse network team.
  • Tesla ia a member of the Curse Wiki Team.
  • Wynthyst is a member of the Curse Wiki Team.

How Do I Use Administrator Powers?

See the Administrators' How-To Guide for a guide on using admin functions.

Becoming An Administrator

New Sysops and Organizers are selected based on the discretion of the Bureaucrats of the DiabloFans Wiki.