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Diablo I chat icons

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Diablo Chatroom from an old
version. (Close to launch)

Diablo I was the first game to feature connectivity to the original Battle.net.

The following are the various icons that appear next to usernames in the Battle.net chatroom.


Diablo specific

Diablo players appear with a portrait representing their character class.

Icon Description
D1dif0.png No dots means no difficulty completed.
D1dif1.png Normal difficulty completed.
D1dif2.png Nightmare difficulty completed.
D1dif3.png Hell difficulty completed.
D1spawn.png Since Diablo Spawn only allows Warriors, this
is how they appear to other Diablo Spawn players.


Icon Description
D1bliz.png Blizzard employee
D1oper.png Channel operator
D1ignored.png Squelched user
D1chat.png User connected to Battle.net through
non-normal means, i.e. not using a game.
D1drtl.png Appears in Diablo Spawn,
indicating a Diablo Retail user.
D1dshr.png User playing the Spawned version of Diablo.
D1star.png User playing StarCraft.
D1sshr.png User playing StarCraft Shareware.
D1jstr.png User playing StarCraft Japanese.
D1sexp.png User playing StarCraft: Brood War.
D1w2bn.png User playing Warcraft II.
D1d2dv.png User playing Diablo II.
D1d2xp.png User playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
D1war3.png User playing Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
D1w3xp.png User playing Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.


The following appear to the right of usernames, indicating their ping.

Icon Lag
D1low.png Low
D1med.png Medium
D1high.png High
D1plug.png Unable to play games.

Other games

The following appear in other games, representing Diablo players.

Avatar Appears in
D2drtl.gif Diablo II
Bnet-diablo.png Warcraft III
D2d1rg.gif D2d1sr.gif Unused Diablo II avatars.
Presumably to represent Diablo 1
players of the other classes.