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Diablo II chatroom

Diablo II was the last Diablo game to feature connectivity to the original Battle.net.

The following are the various avatars that appear above usernames in the Battle.net chatroom.


Diablo II specific

Diablo II players will appear as their in-game character.
Hardcore characters will appear in the Neutral (or "Ready") animation and with their name in red text.

Avatar Description
D2open.gif Logged in with a single player character
(Open Battle.net)
D2dead.gif Logged in with a dead hardcore character.


Avatar Description
D2bliz.gif Blizzard employee
D2oper.gif Channel operator
D2chat.gif User connected to Battle.net through
non-normal means, i.e. not using a game.
D2drtl.gif User playing Diablo.
D2star.gif User playing StarCraft.
D2sexp.gif User playing StarCraft: Brood War.
D2w2bn.gif User playing Warcraft II.
D2war3.gif User playing Warcraft III.

Other games

The following appear in other games, representing Diablo II players.

Avatar Appears in
D1d2dv.pngD1d2xp.png Diablo 1, StarCraft,
and Warcraft II
Bnet-diablo2.pngBnet-diablo2exp.png Warcraft III


Avatar Description
D2d1rg.gif D2d1sr.gif Presumably to represent Diablo 1
players of the other classes.