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Season 22 Mega-Post! - OSW_Zenkiki - 2020/11/19 18:10

 Season 22: Shades of the Nephalem     Season 22 introduces the Shades of the Nephalem theme! During Season 22, activating a Shrine or Pylon will spawn in a shadow clone of your class. The clone's po...

Community Watch: The Danctuary Podcast - Neinball - 2020/11/11 02:42

 Patch 2.6.10 Is Now Live! Introducing the Newest Diablo Podcast: Danctuary Danctuary is a new Diablo-focused podcast making the rounds across the web. While many other streamers and content creators...

Season 22 Begins November 20! - OSW_Zenkiki - 2020/11/06 20:15

Season 22 Begins November 20! Season 22 Shades of the Nephalem begins on November 20th! Season 22 is the first to offer a Haedrig's Gift featuring all of the recently added class sets in addition to b...

Season 21 Ending Soon - Neinball - 2020/10/28 20:45

Season 21 Ending Soon   While we were teased about Season 21 ending soon over the weekend, we have finally been given a date! Season 21 will officially be ending on Sunday Nov. 8 for all regions and y...

Patch 2.6.10 PTR Testing Extended! - OSW_Zenkiki - 2020/10/13 22:12

PTR 2.6.10 Testing Extended The PTR for patch 2.6.10 has been extended due to latency and login issues with the current update.   Originally Posted by PezRadar (Official Post) Hi all -   We wanted to...