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Diablo III Attribute Descriptions

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General Attribute Descriptions

Name Description
Armor Elements Absorbs {VALUE} Elemental Damage
Attack +|] Attack
Attacks Per Second Percent Increases attack speed by [{VALUE} * 100]%
Damage Percent_Bonus Witchdoctor Adds [{VALUE}*100]% more damage to Witch Doctors only
Damage Percent Bonus Wizard Adds [{VALUE}*100]% more damage to Wizards only
Defense +|] Defense
Dodge Rating Adds {VALUE} Dodge Rating
Faster Healing Percent Health potions heal you {VALUE%} faster
Hitpoints Max Percent Bonus Item +|]% Life
Precision +|] Precision
ResistPhysical Resists Physical
CrowdControlReduction Duration of control impairing effects reduced by [{VALUE}*100]%
DisciplineRestriction (Demon Hunter Only)
DodgeChanceBonus Adds [{VALUE} * 100]% chance to dodge.
HatredRestriction (Demon Hunter Only)
HighlySalvageable Highly Salvageable
ResourceMaxBonus#Arcanum +|] Arcane Power
ResourceOnCrit#Arcanum Grants {VALUE} Arcane Power per critical hit
ResourceOnCrit#Discipline Grants {VALUE} Discipline per critical hit
ResourceOnCrit#Fury Grants {VALUE} Fury per critical hit
ResourceOnCrit#Hatred Grants {VALUE} Hatred per critical hit
ResourceOnCrit#Mana Grants {VALUE} Mana per critical hit
ResourceOnCrit#Spirit Grants {VALUE} Spirit per critical hit
ResourceOnHit#Discipline Grants {VALUE} Discipline per hit
ResourceOnHit#Hatred Grants {VALUE} Hatred per hit
ResourceOnKill#Arcanum Grants {VALUE} Arcane Power per Kill
ResourceOnKill#Discipline Grants {VALUE} Discipline per Kill
ResourceOnKill#Fury Grants {VALUE} Fury per Kill
ResourceOnKill#Hatred Grants {VALUE} Hatred per Kill
ResourceOnKill#Mana Grants {VALUE} Mana per Kill
ResourceOnKill#Spirit Grants {VALUE} Spirit per Kill

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