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DiabloCast is a weekly podcast run joinly by DiabloFans and Force Strategy Gaming. Launched on March 13th 2011 for the first time, the cast recaps any news that have been released in the past week and the casters comment and discuss any new features, events or news that relate to Diablo III. As of episode 22, all future podcasts are now Live instead of being prerecorded. The cast is recorded live Friday at noon PST and released on ForceSC2strategy. To date, five people have appeared on DiabloCast:

  • Force (Host), Force Strategy Gaming
  • Sixen (Co-Host), DiabloFans Community Manager
  • ScyberDragon (Regular), DiabloFans News Manager
  • Tempest (Regular), Force Strategy Gaming
  • PhrozenDragon (Special Guest), DiabloFans Wiki Manager

Regular Episodes

Special Episodes