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Diablo: Unearthed Arsenal

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Diablo: Unearthed Arsenal
Developer Micro Star
Publisher Micro Star
Platforms Windows, Mac
Release Date May, 1997
Game Diablo I

Diablo: Unearthed Arsenal is an unauthorized expansion for Diablo, published and developed by Micro Star.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Unearthed Arsenal features new weapons, classes, and utilities to augment a registered copy of Diablo. The main feature is a character hack utility that allows the editing of stats and abilities. This along with a few new magic items and some "new" (edited) character classes tried to fill a need for amateur quality user mods before the internet was widely available to everyone.[1]

Despite the features, the game performed poorly, Blizzard feeling that the product reflected poorly on the Diablo franchise and their reputation.

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