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Demonic Hell Bearer

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The Demonic Hell Bearer is a monstrous creature many hundred meters long that vomits Demon Trooper. It appears to serve a similar function to Azmodan as Nydus Worms do to the Swarm in StarCraft II. There creatures are among the toughest normal monster in the game but as they cannot damage the player directly are considered a non-issue. The Demon Troopers they spawn are a weakfish monsters and will often die from splash moves targeting the Demonic Hell Bearer who spewed them out. It is unclear if Demonic Hell Bearers spawn and then appear using an ability or if a trap creates them with a spawn animation based on player movements, but in any case they are all created in fixed places.


  • Regurgitate Trooper
    Creates 3 Demon Trooper to attack the party. Created Demon Troopers have greatly reduced kill rewards. Variant of Demon Trooper created depends on area. Some limit applies to the maximum number of Demon Troopers that can be created. Ability can be interrupted by causing monster to flinch.
  • Siege Ladder
    Clings to the side of walls rendering the monster immobile. Killing knocks monster off, unclear if it dies or retreats.