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Death's Disguise (Diablo II)

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Death's Touch
War Sword
War Sword (Diablo II).gif
1H Damage: 10 to 25
Melee Range: 1
Attack Speed: [0]
Minimum Strength: 71
Minimum Dexterity: 45
Durability: 44
Level Requirement: 6

+25% Enhanced Damage
4% Life Stolen per Hit

Adds 25-75 Cold Damage - 3 Second Duration (2 Items)
Death's Hand
Leather Gloves
Death's Hand (Diablo II).gif
Defense: 2 - 3
Durability: 12
Level Requirement: 6

Poison Length Reduced By 75%
Poison Resist +50%

30% Increased Attack Speed (2 Items)
Death's Guard
Death's Guard (Diablo II).gif
Defense: 22
Potion Slots: 8
Durability: 12
Level Requirement: 6

Cannot be Frozen
+20 Defense

All Resistances +15 (2 Items)
Death's Disguise
2 pieces
8% Life Stolen per Hit
Full Set Bonuses
8% Life Stolen per Hit
40% Bonus to Attack Rating
All Resistances +25
+10 to Minimum Damage
Full Set Bonuses
Full Set Bonuses
Full Set Bonuses