Deadly Strike (Diablo II)

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Deadly Strike is a Diablo II combat mechanic that appears as a Chance on Hit mod on several Unique, Set or Rune Word items. With each eligible melee or ranged attack, the game will roll for a deadly strike according to your percentage chance from items. If the roll is successful, your character will deal double damage with that attack.


  • Critical Strike and Deadly Strike have the same mechanics and only one of them can trigger on any given attack (so a player can't get quadruple damage)
  • Does not apply to Impale, Dragon Talon, Dragon Tail, Dragon Flight, Sacrifice, or Smite.
  • Does work with the Blade Traps.
  • Skills that convert Physical damage to a different type (magic, fire and cold arrow, Lightning Bolt, Fists of Fire, Berserk) do so after DS or CS are applied, so converted damage is doubled.
  • They will modify your final Physical damage with Vengeance but have *no* effect on the Elemental damage caused by Vengeance.
  • Sources of Deadly Strike stack except from a weapon which is not being used to inflict that particular blow (only applies to dual wield Assassin and Barbarians
  • Different types of Critical Strike do *not* stack (e.g. Barbarian Weapon Masteries and Amazon Critical Strike).
  • There is no point to having more than a 100% chance of DS/CS.