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Quest Rewards

  • 11200 XP
  • 4690 Gold.png


Talk to Tyrael

Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
When I fought Malthael, my sword passed through him like air. He is in a state of death and life, impervious to physical harm.
Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
Your strength is not enough. To defeat him, you must channel the power of death as he does.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
There are many spirits below. Perhaps they can help.
Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
The power of the death... If you could become one with it, you would be as Malthael is, and you could face him.
Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
But you must find a way quickly. Every moment, thousands die, and Malthael's power grows beyond anything I have ever seen.

Go to the Spirit Well

Search for the Soul Prison in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2.

Kill Guardian Seraziel in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2.

Destroy the Soul Prison chain in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2.


  • 4200 XP
  • 1760 Gold.png
Unknown Portrait.pngReward
Magic Weapon

Find Malthael in the Heart of the Fortress.

Kill Malthael.


  • 7000 XP
  • 2930 Gold.png
Unknown Portrait.pngReward
Rare Weapon

Talk to Tyrael.

Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
Where is the Black Soulstone?