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Data:Items/Griswold's Masterpiece

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Griswold's Masterpiece

Griswold's Masterpiece.png


207.2 - 0

Damage -(181-181)
Damage (78-78) - (181-181)
Attack Speed 1.6-1.7
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Durability 50 - 65
Required Level 60
Item Level 61
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 1890 Gold.png
Set Name [[]]

 •  Increases Attack Speed by 4 – 5%
 •  1.0 – 2.6% Chance to Knockback on Hit
 •  +4 Random Magic Properties

Griswold labored and studied for years to devise the perfect sword. Sadly, he died a horrible death before he himself could forge it.