Damage Reduction

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Damage Reduction is a derived stat that indicates in total how much incoming damage is negated as a percentage (%). Damage Reduction can be aggregated via Armor, Resistances, Block, or Absorb.

Barbarians and Monks have an innate 30% passive damage reduction versus all sources. This damage reduction is applied at the same time as all other damage reducing effects (such as Armor), but prior to shield block.[1]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Damage Reduction from Armor = Armor / (Armor + (50 * mLvl)) [2]

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Damage Reduction from Resistances = Resistance / (Resistance + (5 * mLvl))

Block[edit | edit source]

Absorb[edit | edit source]

Absorb is simply a limited amount of damage that can be prevented, usually invoked by skills such as Mantra of Healing.

References[edit | edit source]