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Dahlgur Oasis

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Dahlgur Oasis
Dahlgur Oasis.png
Act Act 2
Waypoint Yes
Shrines Yes
Goblins {{{goblins}}}
Layout Fixed Border
← Path to the Oasis Ancient Waterway →

This small paradise was the birth of Caldeum. A mysterious man named Dahlgur rose from the waste and showed the original settlers this source of water which was used to help begin Caldeum. However, the story is said that this mysterious man disappeared back into the waste after showing them.[1]


Normal Champion / Rare Unique
Random Spawns
Trap Created
Part of The Shrine of Rakanishu
From Fezuul
Torment Only
Random Spawns
Trap Created
Part of Prisoners of Kamyr
Part of The Shrine of Rakanishu



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Spawnable Containers

  • Barrel
  • Bloated Corpse
  • Cain's Lost Satchel
  • Chest
  • Dead Beast
  • Dead Villager
  • Defiled Bones
  • Dried Remains
  • Envoy of Belial
  • Keepsake Box
  • Skeletal Remains
  • Well Lift