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Cube Recipes (Median XL)

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Median XL
Median XL.gif
Modder Brother Laz
Latest Release Omega
Game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Patch Version 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
Platform Windows
Homepage Homepage
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Cube Recipes


The Horadric Cube is an underused aspect of Diablo II. Median XL overhauls its function from a cute gimmick to an important tool of war.

Crafting Points

Many cube recipes work only if you have the required amount of Crafting Points on your equipped items. Crafting Point requirements are listed near the recipe in grey text:


Oils/Catalysts/Sacrifical Heart/Meditation Candle

These reagents can be bought from the appropriate vendor.

Arcane Shards

This reagent is obtained by disenchanting unique items, see below.

Arcane Crystal

This reagent is created by cubing Arcane Shards in sets of five.

Mystic Orbs

These reagents can be obtained by buying them from any magic items vendor or by killing monsters. Note that not all Mystic Orbs can be bought...


These reagents are orange crucifixes that drop in late Terror and in Destruction difficulty. They enable you to create and bless items, see below.

Book Of Summoning

These books are used to summon evil creatures, using one in certain places may have interesting effects. A book of summoning can be crafted using three meditation candles and three victims' hearts (both of which can be bought at some vendors).
There are many cube recipes that can be used to create, reroll, disenchant, uptier, craft, affix, and do other things to items.


Input Output
Unique + Catalyst of Disenchantment Arcane Shard + Catalyst of Disenchantment
Set + Catalyst of Disenchantment Arcane Shard + Catalyst of Disenchantment
Arcane Shards x5 Arcane Crystal
Unique + Catalyst of Learning Signet of Learning + Catalyst of Learning
Set + Catalyst of Learning Signet of Learning + Catalyst of Learning


Recipe Name Input Output Description/Notes
Upgrade to Non-magical Item Low quality item + Oil of Enhancement Reroll item as regular Upgrade any low quality item to regular quality or a regular item to superior. This also rerolls the socket count on the item.
Regular item + Oil of Enhancement Reroll item as superior
Upgrade to Magical Item Any nonmagical item + Oil of Enhancement + Rune Reroll item as magic Upgrade any plain item (white or grey) to a basic magical item.
Magic item + Oil of Enhancement + Rune Reroll item as rare
Reroll Magic to Honorific Magic weapon/armor + Meditation Candle + Sacrificial Heart Return item as honorific Honorific items are blank items that receive a double bonus from Mystic Orbs. This enables you to create your own custom items, provided you have some money to spend on the ingredients and the Mystic Orbs.

See the Honorific Items, Mystic Orbs, Shrines pages for more details.

Reroll any Item to Unique Non-sacred item + Arcane Crystal x2 + Oil of Enhancement Reroll item as unique This powerful recipe uses the reagents obtained by disenchanting other uniques to turn any tiered item of your choosing into a unique. But choose wisely, because the crystals are precious and costly to replace.
Chaos Reroll Recipe Any item + jewel + Oil of Luck Reroll item randomly Ready to roll the dice? Your item may turn into a lowly white or magical item... or a powerful rare or unique. This recipe cannot create sacred uniques or sets, but it can create almost anything else for cheap.
Affix Burn Recipe Any item + Catalyst of Destruction + Rune Reroll item as low quality + Catalyst of Destruction This explosive alchemical combination burns all magic off an item, returning it as a basic low quality item. This recipe is useful to prepare an item for a runeword.
Reroll Modifiers Superior item + Oil of Renewal Reroll item These recipes reroll the modifiers and socket count on any non-magical, magic or rare item. This is useful when you have a bad rare that could have been good, or to try and get better superior bonuses on your item before making a runeword
Magic item + Oil of Renewal Reroll item
Rare item + Oil of Renewal Reroll item
Zomghelp Recipe Magic weapon/armor + magic amulet + magic ring Reroll item as level 1 magic item Should you have some bad luck and find yourself stuck with no useful weapon or armour, use this recipe to create yourself some baseline items. The items come with very weak random stats, but have a built-in enhanced damage or defence bonus.
This recipe also adds +25% Enhanced Damage (weapons) or +25% Enhanced Defense (armour) if you use it at character level 1, and an additional +2% for each higher character level. A level 40 character, for example, will get +103%.


  • Any non-sacred weapon/armor + Arcane Crystal -> return item as next higher tier with same stats
  • Non-sacred unique weapon/armor + Arcane Crystal + Rune -> reroll as next higher tier with new stats


  • Any non-ethereal item of the appropriate type + Mystic Orb -> add orb bonus and +2 required level
  • Any uberquest trophy + Corresponding unique charm -> return charm with added bonus
  • Any non-ethereal item + Oil of Luck -> returns item, may add bonuses
Upgrade type Upgrade effects
Weapon +40% Enhanced Damage, 100% Bonus to Attack Rating
Armour +40% Enhanced Defense, Damage Reduced by 1%
Amulet +1 to All Skill Levels
Ring +10% to Spell Damage
Quiver 5% Bonus to all Attributes
Jewel +2 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, +2 to Energy, +2 to Vitality
  • Non-socketed non-ethereal item + jewel x[1-6] -> returns item with [1-6] sockets (will not return more sockets than max of base item)

Jewel Crafting

  • Jewel + Oil of Jewelcrafting + rune -> reroll jewel as crafted, add bonuses
Rune input Rune upgrade effects Crafting points required
Tir (6 to 10)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 50
Ith All Resists +(3 to 5)% 50
Ort Requirements –(2 to 4)% 100
Shael +(21 to 50) Defense 100
Lum +(1 to 2)% to Experience Gained 150
Lem +(3 to 5) to All Attributes 150
Ist +(4 to 6)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life 200
Ohm +(4 to 12) to Maximum Damage 200
Ber (1 to 2)% Life Stolen per Hit, (1 to 2)% Mana Stolen per Hit 250
Zod +(1 to 3)% to Spell Damage 250
Kur +(4 to 6)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage 300
Nas Slows Target by 1% 300
Vith +(2 to 4)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances 350
Thai +(6 to 15) to Minimum Damage 350
Nih +(2 to 8) Life on Striking in Melee, +(2 to 8) Mana on Striking in Melee 400


All recipes require 500 Crafting Points
Gem input Scroll input Elixir output Elixir description
Perfect Amber Scroll of Identify Elixir of Adrenaline Cancels a running spell timer
Perfect Emerald Scroll of Town Portal Elixir of Greater Experience +300% to Experience Gained
Perfect Ruby Scroll of Identify Elixir of Greater Greed 350% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Perfect Sapphire Scroll of Town Portal Elixir of Power +15 to All Skills
Perfect Topaz Scroll of Identify Elixir of Love Reduces all Vendor Prices 25%


Want to skip some of the more boring quests in act 2 and 3?
Horadric Staff:
  • Arcane Crystal x2 + healing potion -> Horadric Staff
Khalim's Flail:
  • Arcane Crystal x2 + mana potion -> Khalim's Will
You need to create these items in the correct difficulty.


Type Input Output Notes
Gem and Runes Same gem x2 Next higher gem quality
Same rune x2 Next higher rune
Rune Next lower rune These recipes do not allow you to obtain or downgrade Great Runes.
R.I.P. Recipe Any item + Catalyst of Destruction + Arcane Crystal Returns item with R.I.P. modifier + Catalyst of Destruction Removes reanimates
Item Destruction Recipe Any item + Catalyst of Destruction Catalyst of Destruction
Unsocketing Items Socketed item + Oil of Disjunction Separate item and socket fillers Magical, Rare, Set, Unique, Crafted, Honorific items
Socketed item + Oil of Disjunction + perfect gem x3 Separate item and socket fillers Nonmagical items
Uberquest Recipes Sacrificial Heart x3 + Meditation Candle x3 Book of Summoning
Pearl of Wisdom Returns next Pearl of Wisdom
Wirt’s Leg + Tome of Town Portal Cow Level portal