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Crispy Critters

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Crispy Critters
Crispy Critters.png
Use a Demon Forge to kill 3 Tormented Stingers at once.
TypeChallenges > Act III
Achievement Series

Crispy Critters is a Challenges Achievement for using a Demon Forge to kill 3 Tormented Stingers at once.

Tormented Stingers can be found at Arreat Crater Level 2 and Tower of the Damned Level 2. They randomly spawn from Infernal Cocoons, or as ambush mobs.


  • Crispy Critters was a 1987 breakfast cereal by Post Cereals made of oat, consisted of individual pieces that were akin to miniature animal crackers in their shape, appearance, taste and texture.
  • The term is now as slang for "a person who has suffered extensive, usually fatal, burns."