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Coldcrow (Diablo II)

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Coldcrow is a Dark Archer found in The Cave, the dungeon in Cold Plains. She is found on the first level, and so is often encountered by the player journeying through The Cave. She is not of any particular danger in Normal, but in higher difficulties Super Unique monsters spawn with extra modifiers. Cold Enchanted is also quite an irritating ability on a shooter, especially on Archers who have a tendency to run away as soon as the player goes into melee range.

Additional Information


  • Normal: 4
  • Nightmare: 5
  • Hell: 6

Monster Stats

Difficulty Health Resistances Drain Effectiveness Locations (Monster Level) Preset Attributes Highest Rune Drop
C F L M Phy Psn

Coldcrow (Diablo II).gif
Dark Ranger
Normal 52 - 76 75 0 0 0 0 0 100% Cave (7) Cold Enchanted None
Nightmare 921 - 1,593 75 0 0 0 0 0 100% Cave (39) Io (16)
Hell 4,648 - 8,030 100 25 100 0 15 0 100% Cave (80) Cham (32)