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Civerb's Vestments (Diablo II)

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Civerb's Cudgel
Grand Scepter
Grand Scepter (Diablo II).gif
1H Damage: 8 to (36-140)
Melee Range: 1
Attack Speed: [10]
Minimum Strength: 37
Durability: 60
Level Requirement: 9

+1-99 to Maximum Damage (+1 per Character Level)
+17-23 to Maximum Damage (varies)
+50% Damage to Undead
+75 to Attack Rating

Civerb's Ward
Large Shield
Stormguild (Diablo II).gif
Defense: 27 - 29
Block: P: 57% Am/As/B: 52% D/N/S: 47%
Smite Damage: 2 - 4
Minimum Strength: 34
Durability: 24
Level Requirement: 9

+15 Defense
+15% Increased Chance of Blocking

+21-22 to Mana (varies) (Civerb's Icon)

Poison Resist +25-26% (varies) (Civerb's Cudgel)
Civerb's Icon
Amulet 1 (Diablo II).gif
Level Requirement: 9

Replenish Life +4
Regenerate Mana +40%

Cold Resist +25% (2 Items)

+25 Defense (3 Items)


Civerb's Vestments
2 pieces
Fire Resist +15%
Full Set Bonuses
+200% Damage to Undead
+15 to Strength
Fire Resist +15%
Lightning Resist +25%
Full Set Bonuses
Full Set Bonuses
Full Set Bonuses

Civerb is a reference to David Brevik (reversed name), one of the Directors of Diablo and Diablo 2. This is confirmed by Max Shaefer on his interview with MrLlamaSC.