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Carrion Nest

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I was able to trace some carrion bats back to one of their nests. What I found shocked me! The nest itself is a living organism, a mature bat that has been mutated by the darkest of magics. I no longer doubt that demonic forces have corrupted these creatures.

— Deckard Cain

Carrion Nests are a monster generator. They are completely harmless by themselves as they possess no capabilities of inflicting damage. They do create Carrion Bat monsters which can attack the player. Generated Carrion Bats have worse drops than real ones so it is recommended that the party ignores them and focuses on killing the nest to prevent more from being made. Carrion Nests are often found in groups of many, unless the party has splash damage skills they may find themselves being unable to progress as Carrion Bats overwhelm them.


  • Create Carrion Bat
    Creates a Carrion Bat family monster. Used periodically at regular intervals. Some restriction to number of creations applies.