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Carrion Farm

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Carrion Farm
Adventurer B Portrait.png
Help the beleaguered farmer clear his fields of the plague nests.
ActAct I
LocationForsaken Grounds
TriggerBeleaguered Farmer
Gold215 Gold.png
  • Plague Nests destroyed: 4/4
  • Talk to the Beleaguered Farmer

Carrion Farm is an event quest in Act I of Diablo III. It has a chance to spawn in the Forsaken Grounds in the Fields of Misery. The event is triggered by interacting with the Beleaguered Farmer.


Adventurer B Portrait.png
Beleaguered Farmer
I am undone! Demonspawn have taken root in my fields.
You should leave. It is unsafe here.Barbarian Portrait.png
If you cannot fight, then you should flee.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
If you stay here, you will die.Monk Portrait.png
It is not safe for you here.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
That's usually a sign to leave.Wizard Portrait.png
Adventurer B Portrait.png
Beleaguered Farmer
This land is all my family has. I cannot leave.
Poor man! We will not fail you.Enchantress Portrait.png
Adventurer B Portrait.png
Beleaguered Farmer
My land is saved! Bless you!
Tristram's families will not starve, thanks to the work we have done today.Templar Portrait.png
It was no trouble.Enchantress Portrait.png


Achievement Points Reward Description
Carrion Farm (achievement).png Carrion Farm 10 Complete the Carrion Farm event.
Carrion Farm (Cooperative).png Carrion Farm (Cooperative) 10 Complete the Carrion Farm event in a cooperative game.