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Cain's Lost Satchel

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Cain's Lost Satchel is a container that is found throughout Act II. Each satchel can contain one of several Lore Books, mainly to do with the Prime Evils.

For other lore books, check Achievements.


Ruined Cistern, during Betrayer of the Horadrim

Flooded Causeway, during Betrayer of the Horadrim

Stinging Winds, during The Road to Alcarnus (right before the Khasim Outpost]]

Vault of the Assassin, during Blood and Sand


  • Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish
  • Azmodan, the Lord of Sin
  • Baal, the Lord of Destruction
  • Belial, the Lord of Lies
  • Diablo, the Lord of Terror
  • Duriel, the Lord of Pain
  • Mephisto, Lord of Hatred
  • The Seven Lords of Hell