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Butchered! (Hell)

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Butchered! (Hell)
Butchered! (Hell).png
Kill the Butcher on Hell difficulty.
TypeCampaign > Act I
Points30 (cumulative)
Level 50
Banner Pattern
Banner Pattern - Flames.png
Achievement Series
← Butchered! (Nightmare) Butchered! (Inferno) →

Butchered! (Hell) is a Campaign Achievement for defeating The Butcher on Hell difficulty.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
Butchered!.png Butchered! 10 Banner Shape - Chained.png Banner Shape
Kill the Butcher on Normal difficulty.
Butchered! (Nightmare).png Butchered! (Nightmare) 20 (cumulative) Banner Accent - Crossed Cleavers.png Banner Accent
Crossed Cleavers
Kill the Butcher on Nightmare difficulty.
Butchered! (Hell).png Butchered! (Hell) 30 (cumulative) Banner Pattern - Flames.png Banner Pattern
Kill the Butcher on Hell difficulty.
Butchered! (Inferno).png Butchered! (Inferno) 40 (cumulative) Banner Sigil - Butcher's Cleaver.png Banner Sigil - Butcher's Cleaver (variant).png Banner Sigil
Butcher's Cleaver
Kill the Butcher on Inferno difficulty.