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The Butcher is a unique Overlord found in the Cathedral underneath Tristram. This creature can be located in a room full of mutilated corpses, giving credit to its name. Lore would indicate that those bodies belong to his victims who mainly are the townsfolk of Tristram. Misguided by the traitorous Archbishop Lazarus, the townsfolk were lead to their unknowing doom in the hands of the Butcher. When killed, the Butcher drops his cleaver, The Butcher's Cleaver.

It is not advisable to engage in melee combat with the Butcher because of his fast hit rate and high damage. Due to appearing so early in the game, he can prove extremely fatal and players may want to avoid him until they've gained a few levels.

The Butcher
Difficulty Level Health (Diablo/Hellfire) Damage AC To Hit Exp Resistances Location
Single Multi F L M

The Butcher (Diablo I).gif

Normal 10 110-110 220-220 6-12 50 50 710 75 75 0 Cathedral 2
Nightmare 40 380-380 661-661/760-760 16-28 100 135 3420
Hell 70 540-540 883-883/1080-1080 30-54 130 170 6840 75 75 0