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Game Diablo III
Class Crusader
Type Active - Conviction
Unlock level 61
Cooldown 60 seconds
Call in an assault from afar, raining 5 spheres of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 2850% total weapon damage to enemies within 12 yards of the impact zone.

Bombardment is a Crusader active skill in Diablo III.


Level Skill rune
63 Barrels of Spikes
Barrels of Spikes ()
In place of the burning spheres, barrels of spikes are hurled. Damage of each barrel is increased by 200% of your Thorns.
65 Annihilate
Annihilate ()
Each impact has a 100% Critical Hit Chance.
67 Mine Field
Mine Field ()
Each impact scatters 2 mines onto the battlefield that explode when enemies walk near them, dealing 160% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 10 yards.
69 Impactful Bombardment
Impactful Bombardment ()
A single, much larger ball of explosive pitch is hurled at the targeted location dealing 3320% weapon damage to all enemies within 18 yards.
70 Targeted
Targeted ()
Instead of randomly finding targets nearby, the bombardment will continue to fall on your initial target.

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