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Game Diablo III
Class Crusader
Type Active - Conviction
Unlock level 61
Cooldown 60 seconds
Call in an assault from afar, raining 5 spheres of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 2850% total weapon damage to enemies within 12 yards of the impact zone.

Bombardment is a Crusader active skill in Diablo III.

Runes[edit | edit source]

Level Skill rune
63 Barrels of Spikes
Barrels of Spikes ()
In place of the burning spheres, barrels of spikes are hurled. Damage of each barrel is increased by 200% of your Thorns.
65 Annihilate
Annihilate ()
Each impact has a 100% Critical Hit Chance.
67 Mine Field
Mine Field ()
Each impact scatters 2 mines onto the battlefield that explode when enemies walk near them, dealing 160% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 10 yards.
69 Impactful Bombardment
Impactful Bombardment ()
A single, much larger ball of explosive pitch is hurled at the targeted location dealing 3320% weapon damage to all enemies within 18 yards.
70 Targeted
Targeted ()
Instead of randomly finding targets nearby, the bombardment will continue to fall on your initial target.

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